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Yorkshire Academy of Modern Music






Here at the Yorkshire Academy of Modern Music we offer lessons for all ages and abilities from beginners through to the professionals. We have a fun relaxed approach to teaching whilst maintaining very informative and professional tuition. We are exceptionally passionate and pride ourselves on our lessons being personalised to each individual student’s needs, ensuring each individual takes their playing in the direction that they wish, no matter what age or ability.

Whether you want to pass your grades, play in a band or just play for fun, our tutors will help you get there. Our purpose built teaching studios are the perfect environment for learning whilst having fun doing it.

Our tutors have a range of qualifications including various music degrees, grade 8 certification of their instrument as well as many years of invaluable playing experience.

Lessons are often based around learning songs which introduce different playing techniques, and help progression in a developmental way. If we don’t know the song you want to learn we can transcribe the song by ear so most student requests are catered for.

We regularly enter students for examinations which we hold a 100% pass rate for. We have also had students progress onto FE and HE courses including degrees at various universities, and go on to play their instrument around the world.

Music exams


Our tutors are all professional musicians with great teaching ability and instrument knowledge. We teach a range of different techniques and styles utilising our tutors strengths and abilities during the lessons.

Lessons are often based around learning the songs that you want to learn, this will more often than not introduce different styles and techniques. As well as learning the styles and techniques from songs, we also introduce many more musical concepts, techniques, and playing styles to develop you not only as a instrumentalist, but as a musician.

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I have had lessons at YAMM for several years and I can guarantee that after every lesson I have learnt something new. My tutor is the kind of guy that’ll help you with anything even if its not guitar related and ask for nothing in return. My tutor is not just a teacher and after having the privilege of being under his wing for so many years I’m proud to call him a friend.

Sonny, Age 17

Rating: 5 out of 5.

YAMM’s teaching methods are brilliant, they allow me to choose what I do and when, whether that is learning a new track, learning theory, or just having a question and answer session on queries that I have. They allow me to learn at my pace with no added pressures. Their skill, ability, and knowledge never cease to amaze me when within a few seconds of listening to a new track my tutor begins writing the tab out for me to attempt. I am astounded at how much I have learnt and progressed in such a short time and look forward each week to my lesson. I cannot speak highly enough of YAMM and I would urge anyone thinking of learning to play a musical instrument to give them the opportunity to teach them and pass on their knowledge. I don’t regard my tutor as my music teacher any more, I regard him as a friend and hopefully long may it continue.

David, Age 40

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I Like YAMM because they give me a really good education in music. They offer you lots of instruments you can learn at a great price. I’ve learnt lots since I first started and in less than a year I went into my first exam and passed with a distinction thanks to Liam teaching me well. If you want to learn an instrument, YAMM and the music tuition are the best place for you.

Livi, Age 10

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been having guitar lessons at YAMM for 18 months now, starting at the age of 32 having never picked up a guitar before. I have found my tutor to be excellent, he adapts his teaching methods to meet the style, skill level and requirements of the student. He is very accommodating, and although I don’t get chance to practice much I have learnt loads in the relatively short time I have been having lessons. I plan to start learning how to write my own music, and music theory in the near future too. The teaching rooms are a very professional setup, and the lessons are conducted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend studying at YAMM to beginners, intermediate or advanced guitarists.

Richard, Age 32

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Great for beginners and young students

Great value and perfect for all students


The ultimate lesson, great for in-depth learning


“I started teaching professionally at 17 years old, over 15 years later and I still love it as much as I did when I started”


“Teaching is such a passion of mine, it’s a great feeling passing on my knowledge and seeing students develop”


“I’ve been playing the guitar from 5 years old, I feel so lucky to show other people my passion for music”


“I grew up experiencing a love for music through having lessons at YAMM, sharing that love is one of my favourite parts of teaching now.”


“It’s such a privilege to pass on to others the skills and knowledge that have brought so much happiness to my own life. To see the buzz and excitement when a person learns something new is incredible and inspiring.”


“I have had the privilege of being mentored at YAMM for 10 years, over this period I have developed a new range of skills and knowledge that allows me to share my love of guitar by teaching others.”


Frequently asked questions 🤔

  • Do I need my own instrument for my first lesson?

    Not for your first lesson (we have plenty you can use at our studio), but the sooner you can practice at home the better 🎸

  • What ages do you teach?

    We have lessons as young as 5 all the way up to 75.

  • Do you offer group lessons?

    We want to offer the best possible tuition for our students, and we want to give each student our full attention, because of this we unfortunately don’t offer group lessons.

  • Can I have a lesson at the same time as my sister?

    We want to give each student our full attention, because of this we unfortunately don’t teach more than once person at a time, we can however offer an hours lesson split between two people.

  • What time can I come for a lesson?

    We have multiple tutors covering most hours of the day so wether you’re an early bird and want lessons at 9:30am, or a night owl wanting lessons at 8pm, we’ve got you covered.

  • I've tried to book online and I can't find a time slot that's suitable

    If you can’t find a time to suit you on our online booking system then just give us a call, we’ll try our best to fit you in 😁

  • Can you teach me at my home?

    We teach all our lessons at our studios in Barnsley & Wakefield. We unfortunately don’t offer lessons at home.

  • I work shifts, can I have a different lesson time each week?

    We do try and stick to a weekly slot at the same day & time, but we can offer flexible lessons, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do ☺️.

  • What instruments do you teach?

    We teach electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and bass.

  • What styles do you teach?

    We cover all styles from rock to pop, plectrum to fingerstyle. We tailor all our lessons to the individual’s musical interests.

  • What about DBS?

    All our tutors hold an Enhanced DBS certificate. Certificates are available on request.



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    Tracy Heaton
    Tracy Heaton
    We've been enjoying guitar lessons from YAMM for the last 12 months and have nothing but praise. Excellent quality of tuition, targeted at the right speed and level for development, very patient and encouraging too. Definitely recommend if you are looking for lessons.
    I have been studying guitar for around 7 years now and I can honestly say choosing the Yorkshire academy of modern music was one of the best decisions I have ever made. There isn’t a signal flaw within this academy, and I would definitely recommend to someone who is considering starting their career in music.
    Greg Dodd
    Greg Dodd
    A warm and friendly team putting students at all levels quickly at ease. With tutors having an impressive amount of experience and theoretical/practical knowledge YAMM sessions are great value for money and have supported my daughter's development greatly.
    Adel Marriott
    Adel Marriott
    Fantastic, enthusiastic and very accommodating team. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her lesson's and the way the team teach, as it's fun and relatable to music she listens to on a daily basis, her opinion, likes and dislikes are always considered within her learning, great relationship between the team, pupils and parents.
    Jodie Ward
    Jodie Ward
    Myself and my son started with Liam in January 2022 and we love it. Liams an amazing teacher and can’t recommend him enough
    Tobbiscuits Gaming
    Tobbiscuits Gaming
    Really lovely staff, in particular Tom, who I've had for the past 6 months and he's been great. Definitely recommend ☺️
    Laura Angel
    Laura Angel
    Tom is so good with our daughter, he’s been teaching her for a year and she’s come on amazingly and loves her lessons. The whole team are so friendly and personable. Highly recommend
    Zoo Brains
    Zoo Brains
    My daughter attends every week. From never picking up a guitar to playing full songs, reading music and playing every day within 6 months. She absolutely loves her lessons. All the tutors are fantastic.